Food waste reduction – feeding people, not bins.

For any F+B operation, food waste reduction makes complete sense. In fact, there has never been a more critical time to ensure that your food waste is controlled. Wasted food costs an average Hospitality and Food Service outlet a staggering £10k each year which is the equivalent of 1.3bn meals, or 1 in every 6 meals served. No one can reasonably argue against food waste being bad for the environment, bad for the bottom line and morally wrong.

We spoke to WRAP about the need to implement measures for food waste reduction across the hospitality industry and their new FREE learning initiative that could help you become a ‘Guardian of Grub’…

In the UK, the Hospitality and Food Service sector throws away over one million tonnes of food, 75% of which is avoidable; it could have been eaten (WRAP UK).

The growing public consciousness about climate change coupled with building back better has the potential to be a watershed moment – but only if we decide to act on it. And we all have a role to play.

Food Waste Reduction - Guardians of Grub

WRAP’s Guardians of Grub food waste reduction campaign has already started a positive movement for change.  As part of this, we have developed an online learning course – ‘Guardians of Grub: Becoming a Champion– to support the Hospitality and Food Service sector with developing the skills and confidence to take action on reducing the amount of food thrown away.  WRAP is inviting all UK businesses in the sector to take part in this free pilot learning programme that will help you to understand how food can all too easily become waste in your day-to-day work, and how you can take positive action to reduce this.

This is an opportunity to become a pioneer in your industry, to get in at the early stages of using this unique programme and help shape future best practice in the sector. What’s more, ‘Guardians of Grub: Becoming a Champion’ can become a key part of your workforce’s continuing professional development.  You will receive regular progress reports, including cost and environmental savings throughout the pilot.

If you are ready to join Guardians of Grub: Becoming a Champion’, please check out the resources at for the Pilot Pack, webinars and FAQs.

Sustainability is going to be at the heart of building back better. Now is the time to harness the energy, commitment and passion for food in your business – use our tools and templates to build your skills and become a Champion. Let’s tackle food waste together and feed people, not bins.

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