Financial Management Course for Professional Chefs


The Professional Kitchen Management Programme is a 7 part online course that offers ambitious chefs the opportunity to grasp a better understanding of the financial management of an F+B Business.  As an area that is traditionally overlooked in the workplace, the course provides benefits to chefs and businesses alike.


A valuable learning experience for chefs

+  Develop key skills needed for any modern kitchen.

+  Improve your knowledge of financial management.

+  Have better control over margins and profitability.

+  Demonstrate good financial knowledge and controls.

+  Increase your own value to employers.

+  Coach and train junior chefs on these key skills.

+  Ensure that you hit + improve your margins and profit in any business.

Develop a more rounded skill base leading to opportunities for promotion.

Achieve a better understanding of the reasons behind operational processes.

An opportunity for businesses

+  Training and development opportunities are a key factor in staff retention.

+  Provide solid, easy to understand, financial management skills for your chefs.

+  Ensure that your team is well trained and educated in financial management.

+  Improve your margins and profitability above budget expectations.

+  Reduce waste in your business by up to 10%.

+  Improvements in your food margins up to 6% in a matter of days.

+  Instant ROI.

+  Monitor progress and success during the course.

+  Special group deals available.


In order to pass the course, there are 7 modules that must be completed sequentially.

Each module includes step by step guides and video training and there are interactive exercises within Kitchen CUT to ensure that each aspect of the course has been fully understood.

1. Yielding and Purchasing



Yielding Recipes and sub recipes.

Yielding products.

How do I calculate a Yield %?

Why do I need to use Yielding as a chef?



2. Recipe writing/costing + margin analysis

What is Gross profit and how is it calculated?

What are food cost margins?

How do I calculate a selling price?

The benefits of accurate recipe writing.

How to create a functional and detailed recipe spec.

Making small adjustments to recipes to affect margins and profit.

How to analyse your recipes to make them more profitable.

Management of allergens and nutritional information.

3. Menu creating + costing

Types of menus.

How to create profitable party and function menus.

How to create and cost choice menus.

How to build and analyse à la carte menus.

Understanding bi-products and product cross-utilisation.



4. Menu Engineering analysis / reporting

What is menu engineering?

What does menu engineering terminology mean?

How can menu engineering benefit businesses?

How can menu engineering make you more profit?

Understanding menu psychology.

Calculating margins and gross profit on new menus.

Calculating theoretical margins on your sales.

5. Waste management and control

How big is the issue of food waste globally?

What does that mean to you?

6 key elements of reducing food waste.

How food waste can be managed and reduced.

Ethical or financial or both- why you should care about food waste.

Changing the approach to tackling waste.

6. Stock / inventory control.

Managing stock levels in your kitchens.

Reducing stock levels in your kitchens.

Stock rotation and usage.

Creating menus with fewer stock items.

Taking and tracking stock in kitchens.


7. Managing and controlling operational GP’s and improving profits.

Impact on product price increases.

How to monitor increasing costs and poor performing dishes.

Making small menu adjustments for big profit increases.

Reviewing menus and dishes for regular margin analysis.


Once each of the seven modules has been successfully completely, participants will receive a certificate of achievement including an accreditation from The International Hospitality Council confirming that they have completed and fully understood every module of this course.

Russell Partnership Technology

Financial Managment for Professional Chefs, the online course has been produced in partnership between Kitchen CUT and  Russell Partnership Technology.

For 30 years, Russell Partnership Collection has been an industry leading Hospitality and. Technology innovator, delivering commercially viable results to over 600 clients across 30 countries. We have worked for many years supporting our clients build forecast scenarios, we are now making these tools available for you to utilize.

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Financial acumen is an essential skill which all chefs should possess. We have produced this course to drive forward understanding and assist all chefs with managing profit margins and controlling costs.”

John Wood | Kitchen CUT

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