A unique learning resource….

  • We are proud to partner with leading educational establishments to help support their courses and programmes with our innovative platform.

  • In a world where cost control is ever more important, the basics of cost management are important to understand but doing so in a digital platform helps students to operate in a real scenario.

  • Kitchen CUT supports both lecturers and students alike by having a cloud based digital system that they can access on any device, anywhere, anytime.

A Teaching Aid

  • Our cloud-based system allows students, lecturers and admin staff to access it anywhere, on any device.

  • Menus can be built as part of the course programme, ensuring that they are profitable, nutritionally sound and provide a good menu mix.

  • Guidance on creating profitable dishes with real-time costings as they are being created.

… and an invaluable resource for students

  • All students get their own account for a year.

  • Students can create their own recipes and produce a full menu spec sheet to submit as part of their coursework.

  • They can model dishes and make adjustments to achieve their target margins, as well as create menu engineering reports to see the performance of each dish.

  • Students can learn about the importance of managing allergens and nutrition to attract a broad customer base.

Key benefits

Using Kitchen CUT as part of your education programme allows you to:

Prepare students for the world of work.

Model real-time costings and see the impact on GP as you build dishes.

Get students to submit recipes in a standardised format for review and assessment.

Help with the understanding of the importance of allergens.

See the nutritional make up of dishes to help achieve a balanced menu.

Generate Menu Engineering reports to see the impact of sales against specific dishes and menus that the students have created.

Set Up Options

Option 1

  • Each student is given a promotional code which gives them access to their own account for a year.

  • Online sign up to get access to their own student account

  • Build out recipes and menus in the system using our dummy data but with the option to add their own data

  • Ability to change the currency to a preferred currency.

Option 2

  • As with Option 1, each student will be able to sign up to their own account

  • We will work with you to create a list of local suppliers, ingredients and prices so that the information is relevant to your students

  • They will be able to then build recipes with data that is relevant to you.

  • Own currency

Education with Kitchen CUT: An introduction from John Wood

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