Digital Marketing for restaurants

What are the most important things to do in restaurant marketing to get your brand experience right in the digital world? Kitchen CUT’s technical director, Simon Haynes, looks at some top tips for digital marketing for restaurants..

An industry where brand experience is everything

If there is one industry where the customer experience can never fall short of anything but exceptional, the hospitality industry is it. Times have moved on and customers will experience and judge brands way beyond the front fascia of a restaurant and the food and service inside an establishment. With so much to consider, it’s impossible to do everything. So let’s look at some priorities when looking at digital marketing for restaurants – in this series we will give you some top tips on what you can do to improve your online presence.

What’s most important for the hospitality sector?

Firstly, having a website is probably the most important thing you can do for marketing your restaurant online. If you have easy-to-read opening times and menus, a click-to-call button, the ability to book a table, and something that looks vaguely appetising, you’re streaks ahead of your competitors. If you haven’t, you’re in trouble; you’re missing out on hungry people who have cash to spend. And hungry people always order more!

Responsive, responsive, responsive!

This isn’t just your customer service mantra – it’s an absolute must that your website is optimised for mobile phones. If it doesn’t have a responsive design you’re losing “right now” business. With Google’s recent algorithm updates (on 21 April 2015), websites that aren’t mobile optimised will suffer in google rankings. Make sure your website is mobile friendly! As you’re reading this, there could be hungry people browsing the web for their nearest restaurant. If your site isn’t easy to view on a mobile, those hungry hordes will simply go elsewhere. What is responsive design? This is where your website content adapts to the device you’re viewing it on. To understand more about responsive design and why it’s important – watch a short video here: TBD Group – What is Responsive Design? from TBD Group on Vimeo.

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