Digital Marketing for Restaurants – part 3

Continuing with our series on top tips for Digital Marketing for the hospitality industry we look at some more top tips on improving your online presence.

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Menus – it’s all in the detail

Having menus online is important – having menus that are easy to find on your website and are easy to read are even more important!

Is this the current menu? Date them too – even if it’s just the ‘Summer Menu’ – at least people who are looking at it know they are looking at dishes you will actually be serving when they are visiting.

Remember also that a lot of diners like to look at menus and pre-select what they want/can have. For example customers with dietary or allergy requirements, or those following a particular diet plan like to research in advance so they can make an informed choice. If your menu is out of date and the customer can’t have something they have already researched and selected online, they’re likely to be disappointed before they’ve even tasted the food – and even more unlikely to return!

Using Kitchen CUT you can clearly see which dishes contain which allergens, so it’s easy to update your menus online and provide a good level of detail if you require. You can now also add nutritional information for each dish, so you can give a guide on calories for those who are watching their calorie intake!

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Review your reviews

You’d be surprised how many people seek advice online and are swayed by what they find. A simple request for “Where’s good to eat in #Clapham” could return a lot of posts, reviews, images and videos.

Those same consumers recommending your restaurant can also critique it. So be vigilant and proactive by addressing any negative posts you may find – before others find it too!

It takes just one disgruntled and vocal customer to influence others. But when it happens, be interested and polite and engage with them – find out why they didn’t enjoy their dining experience. Ask for feedback so you can improve your service and develop an opportunity to correct the issue. If you feel their comments are valid – why not offer them a free drink or discounted meal when they next visit? It’s worth it to get them back in through the door with a chance to talk favourably about you! Reviews and social media should NOT be feared – they should be embraced as a way to converse with the very people who will return again and again and most importantly recommend you on as the place to go.


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