Digital marketing for restaurants – part 2

Here, we continue with our top tips for digital marketing for restaurants. Here are some more top tips on how to maximise your online presence.

A picture is worth a thousand words – (but are those words good or bad?!)

Great food photography can get people’s stomachs rumbling and mouths watering. But remember, bad photography can also have the reverse effect! Dishes that look unappetising can turn customers off in an instant. If you change your menu daily, don’t worry about having professional photography of each dish you serve – but do look at how you can show appetising and delicious food shots on your website, coupled with imagery that shows what sort of experience your customers will have. Consider pictures of the chefs in your kitchen, carefully preparing dishes from fresh ingredients. These can be generic pictures but give your customers an insight in to your kitchen and approach to food. Read our comprehensive article here on food photography. Likewise, any pictures of the restaurant should reflect what the place is like. While an empty restaurant can show how big it is, it can look cold and unatmospheric. Too busy, and it may look noisy and frantic. Strike the right balance of people enjoying themselves and having fun without looking crowded.

Keep it fresh!

New content on your website is great – not only for helping the searchability of your site, but it tells your customers about your business – it makes you look interesting and exciting and gives people a reason to check in from time to time. A blog area on your site gives your customers some insight in to the company and the team behind the scenes. Why not consider the following content:
  • Write short articles (with pics) about events you’ve held
  • Talk about awards you’ve won
  • Have an article on a new local supplier you’re using
  • Talk about new menus you’re launching, special events you’re running, promotional offers etc
  • What about an interview with the head chef?
  • Perhaps a monthly recipe from the chef they can make at home?
  • Talk about what’s in season – which ingredients are featuring on your menu that are seasonal.
There’s no end to how creative you can be with your digital marketing – just by sharing some of the things you are doing in your business every day will keep your customers interested, while keeping your restaurant front of mind when they’re choosing somewhere to eat out!

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