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Love Catering

Kitchen CUT has been invaluable to our business – we use it on a daily basis.

We have gone from 28% food cost the month that we started re-costing everything down to 22% in the first and second months where we implemented new ordering procedures based on what we found using Kitchen CUT.

If you want to eliminate math, headaches, and reduce food costs by using a system that offers solutions to problems you didn’t even realize you had, then sign up now!

Jessica Mills,
Culinary Director,


Dormy House

Kitchen CUT is a great tool in so many areas.

For us, it’s a great training tool and has helped to improve our staff retention by 50%.

The whole team is aware and understands the dynamics of dish costing and our GP is up 5% as a result of using Kitchen CUT, along with lower wastage levels. At the end of the month the menu analysis and stock take is quick and easy.

It really helps keep your eyes open to how you’re manning your business.

Jon Ingram,
Group Executive Chef


Watergate Bay

Kitchen CUT has helped to deliver consistent gross profit across our 3 businesses.

Everything happens in real time, so there is no waiting for people to input or process something.

I can report to the directors with confidence on how we’re performing as a business.

It’s a really easy system to use, our guys love it – they’ve all just picked it up. The fact that they can use it any where, any time of day, the guys create all the time without limitation.

Neil Haydock,
Executive Chef


Bread & Honey

The whole team uses Kitchen CUT daily and as a result, everyone is more mindful of costs.

It’s so easy to use.

If anyone is thinking about signing up, I’d say “Just do it”. You will never look back.

Mark Broadbent,
Chef Director

Hilton-resortsHilton Newcastle

“I use Kitchen CUT every day to control the costs in our business – it makes everything clearer.

You can see instantly where you’re going wrong and can see which dishes are a win-win – literally as you’re typing them in.

I’d say in terms of how much easier it’s made my life – it’s 8 out of 10. And there are still features I’ve yet to use!”

Mike Wilkinson,
Executive Chef


An affective and easy to use system, allowing the team to quickly analyse the COS in an efficient manner, with the ability to adjust recipes accordingly where required. Implementation of the recipes takes seconds and can be done at the time the dishes are being created, giving an immediate costing and selling price of a dish within minutes.

With the use of the menu engineering your teams can accurately see where they need to improve on sales margins and initiate the most cost effective selling techniques to maximize profits. The tool has increased awareness, ownership and provided consistency in the outlets.

Vikki Jeffries,
Executive Chef

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