Club Mexicana and Kitchen CUT

““Our key reference for the profitability of dishes.”

“Kitchen CUT is intuitive and very user friendly – compared to older legacy systems its user interface is much easier to navigate and we absolutely prefer it to systems we’ve used in the past.

It’s clear that the Kitchen CUT team are also responsive to suggestions for new features or improvements, so we have a sense that the system will only become more easy to use over time. Often, with the older systems on offer, there is no scope for technical issues to be addressed quickly.  

The system has many touch points across our business, especially managers and chefs – we use it daily. We use KC as cost up recipes and work out GPs as a matter of course now; it’s our key reference for the profitability of our dishes. We find is particularly useful in evaluating menus; it’s allowed to understand how they work as a whole and has helped us structure them. It has – for the first time – given us the tools to set ambitious gross profits targets and practically work towards them. Before we were in the dark about our food costs. 

From an ordering perspective, as we run a central preparation kitchen, stock transfers and ordering were previously difficult to track. We had our own system based around spreadsheets, but although this worked to an extent, Kitchen CUT has proven to be much more efficient and now all ordering is done through it.

In particular, our old, spreadsheet-based system made it hard to store data and track ordering over long periods of time. Using Kitchen CUT has meant that we can much more accurately predict ordering and has helped us prepare for the busy summer festival season. Having all purchasing data on Kitchen CUT has also allowed us to track supplier pricing much more closely and contributed to a recent re-tender of some of our key supplier accounts. 

More than just saving us time, the system has allowed us to roll out much more regular, and robust stock-taking procedures. As a small, but growing company, we struggled to implement much more than monthly stock takes with any regularity, but the system has allowed us to consistently and accurately stock take across the entire company on a weekly basis. 

In terms of our favourite functionality, the production lists are great. We do a lot of one-off or prepaid events where there is a set number of portions to prepare. This feature has made ordering and prepping for them a breeze.  

We would absolutely recommend Kitchen CUT – not only do we get a lot of value out of the system itself as its efficient, effective, and intuitive, but we have also found the customer support and account management to be of a high standard, with really great support from both our account manager and our business development manager.”

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