Chef software that pays for itself

What could happen if you used the ultimate software for chefs . . .

– improve food consistency
– comply with allergen legislation
– banish fluctuating margins
– track dish performance
– maximise food & beverage profits?

Chef software as it should be – a message from our Founder John Wood

“Over my 35 years in the industry I’ve worked with a range of chef tools across boutique hotels, national restaurant chains, 5* hotels, global hotel groups and 7* resorts. No matter the size or scale of the operation, they all have the same chef application challenges. These experiences lead me to set up Kitchen CUT with a view to supporting the industry in addressing these common chef system issues.”

Restaurant POS from

A chef’s role isn’t just about creating fantastic culinary experiences.

Today’s chef needs to be able to cost dishes, comply with allergen legislation, manage stock, reduce waste, inspire teams, manage suppliers, create innovative menu ideas, report to management… and much more.

“As a Chef I understood this. As an F&B Director I demanded it.

My extensive experience in the industry across a spectrum of roles led me to experience the majority of culinary systems available on the market. Each and every one of them left me feeling that there must be a better way, but I never found it. My desire to create something intuitive and time-saving for kitchen teams—and something analytical and insightful for managers—is why Kitchen CUT is what it is today.”

Kitchen CUT is a dynamic and agile chef application.

The technology addresses operational challenges and headaches, and finds ways to simplify and reduce any administrative burden. As a result, chefs can spend more time being creative, training and developing their teams, listening to customers and delivering consistently high quality food.

“Our industry is bursting with innovation in technology for front of house: payment systems, loyalty CRMs, customer ordering and so much more”, says John. “But the back of house has been largely neglected. We designed Kitchen CUT specifically for kitchen brigades and F&B teams not only to help them create better food with better margins but also to support and improve the overall customer experience.”

Market-leading chef technology

Kitchen CUT is the leading chef platform

Kitchen CUT seamlessly links back of house operations with suppliers, as well as front of house EPoS systems. We have designed a specialist chef system and infrastructure, which incorporates everything needed in any chef application.

Kitchen CUT delivers a unique set of specialist chef tools, that have not been seen before in any other chef program.

Built as a dedicated, specialist hosted chef application, Kitchen CUT provides performance, transparency and insights.

John Wood: My No.1 software for chefs

“I’ve worked with other costing systems as well as procurement systems but nothing has ever hit the mark. The critical costing process always seems to be an add on after thought, when really this is the heart of any F&B operation.

Kitchen CUT is my No.1 chef software solution that purely focuses on engagement, transparency and operations.

No food & beverage team should be in operation without it.”

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