Looking for a restaurant PoS system?

Kitchen CUT is a specialist food and beverage management system that seamlessly integrates with your restaurant POS software. Integrating the two allows you to gather powerful insights into your operation’s performance . . .

─ accurately track sales and GP’s
─ instant insights and analytics
─ group performance at a glance
─ add new properties as you need

A complete restaurant recipe manager built for the modern day F&B business

John Wood, founder of Kitchen CUT, explains what is so different about Kitchen CUT.

“Having spent 35 years in the world of food & beverage I’ve worked in a lot of places with a lot of different kit. The strange thing was that no matter where I worked they all had the same issues and faced the same operational challenges.

Nowadays, managing food and beverage is a complex job – as an experienced F&B Director I’ve seen it all across many different hospitality sectors. No matter what sized business you’re in, the role of the F&B team is critical to the overall profitability of it.

Restaurant POS from KitchenCut.com

A chef’s role isn’t just about creating fantastic culinary experiences.

“One thing I’ve always been sure of is categorising the technology I bring into an operation. EPoS does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to make transactions, to make the point of sale process simple, swift and effortless. Now whether it’s iPad POS, contactless, Apple pay or whatever, it’s about customers being able to pay in the most convenient of ways.

In recent times there have been some great innovations in this field but the service in itself is very much a front of house solution that is becoming less dependent on the supporting hardware and installation that was once a big part of the set up. Even the idea of transactions is changing and soon to be an automated background task.

A change is appearing and focussing in on time-saving for F&B teams—analytics and insights for managers—and consistency of quality which leads to a better customer experience—this is why Kitchen CUT is what it is today.

Kitchen CUT is a dynamic and agile chef application.

So what are the providers of POS systems for restaurants doing to change their appeal and proposition? Well, some have diversified, staying in the front of house field and looking to engage with the customer more. Analytics for customer preferences, order history, dietary requirements etc, allows you understand the customer better, giving them a unique and memorable experience. CRM, loyalty schemes, marketing are all up and coming areas that POS companies are tackling.

Some however have tried to bridge the gap between front of house and back of house and to varying degrees. I have, from experience, seen many systems where the operational insight is just missing from the beginning and this has a big impact on the end user. From my experience a company trying to emulate a back of house system typically ends up with it simply not being used. Of course sales and transactions are made, but little else is adopted.”

Market-leading chef technology

Kitchen CUT is the leading chef platform

In a most perfect world one system would do everything but in practice this just isn’t viable. Integrating best of class systems together however, is a modern day strategy that many are adopting.

Cloud-based technology is also fast becoming accepted as the way forward for operational processes. In 2018 cloud-based systems will indeed overtake that of onsite, locally installed systems, meaning that plug and play systems, simple implementations and scaleable solutions are set to revolutionise food and beverage as we know it.

Kitchen CUT is a specialist back of house management system that can help streamline processes and highlight performance as well as cost based issues as they occur. Having a system in place like Kitchen CUT is not only essential, it should be one of the first system adoptions considered when looking to open a new outlet or w

John Wood: My No.1 software for chefs

As I look across the industry and see how much is being invested into Front of House technology, speeding up the transaction rate, improving the customer experience, I wonder how many operations have as much technology delivering business insights as customer insights?

Business sustainability is one of the basics that is often overlooked, but something that should be focused on.

Kitchen CUT is my go-to back of house system that purely focuses on user engagement, business transparency and operational excellence.

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