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“Kitchen CUT is a great system which makes everyday life within an operation easier….”

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Kitchen CUT is a great system which makes everyday life within an operation easier…

For our chefs, it brings them confidence in their dishes with regards to their GP and allergen management. Previously, we used to create Recipes and Menus manually, with a rough calculation of the ingredients and quantities, but with Kitchen CUT we can cost with complete accuracy. We have saved a substantial amount which in food cost terms is around 0.6% across the Collection by using Kitchen CUT to cost our dishes. 

Ordering through Kitchen CUT has afforded us so much more transparency; before we onboarded the system, chefs would pick up the phone and order, giving us no visibility over the individual outlets spend. Consolidating the stock takes allows us great insight on to the stock counts, as well as enabling us to monitor spend by supplier and even individual products.

Now that we can manage supplier spend, Kitchen CUT has brought real efficiency to our invoice management abilities – there are no lost invoices from drivers to the accounts department, as we can track them all through Kitchen CUT. 

Stock Take results across the Celtic Manor Collection used to take us between 9 – 11 days. Now we can see the actual stock count on the same day and we can get a provisional food cost within 2 – 3 days; our stock taking process has become 3 times faster than it was before. Even the administrative side of stock taking used to see the information spanning 20plus pages, where pages would get lost and we would lose visibility quickly, meaning that our stock count could often be inaccurate, now however time is spent more efficiently, our stock count is delivered with the utmost accuracy and we have won back so much time, all through streamlining in Kitchen CUT.

It’s amazing to work with a company like Kitchen CUT, who are forward thinking and responsive to client and industry needs. The Client Services department is second to none and are always on hand and willing to help; the combination of the system functionality and the level of customer service makes Kitchen CUT a great asset to any hospitality business.”


PETER F. FUCHS – Culinary Director, Celtic Collection

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