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Veganuary Recipes and Menus (Credit: Derek Sarno | Wicked Healthy)
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Veganuary recipes and menus; the route to plant based profits

For the past several years, food forecasters have predicted veganism to be ‘this year’s big trend’ and not only have they always been right, the plant-based revolution shows no sign of slowing. One thing is abundantly clear: vegan food is the trend that keeps on trending. We spoke to Veganuary about the benefits of having…

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Which restaurant menu ideas make the most profit?

Researching restaurant menu ideas is exciting. You can unleash your imagination and creativity.  Whether creating recipes for your food truck, hotel, cafe or casual dining restaurant – it’s a fun process, but you also want to ensure the dishes will make you money. Whatever the type of cuisine you serve or the size of the…

Profit Making Menus
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5 Key Tips for Creating Profit Making Menus | Kitchen CUT

Many businesses approach menu writing by researching trends and brainstorming creative ideas, with inspiration coming from many different sources.  Whilst being creative and on trend are factors in menu creation, it’s more important to ensure that business acumen is applied and not just an ‘I like nachos, let’s do nachos’ approach.  Here, Michelin starred chef, John…

Vegetarian and Vegan Menus
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Control and capitalise on your vegetarian and vegan menus | Kitchen CUT

Whilst the vegan, vegetarian and meat-free market has traditionally been overlooked by many within the hospitality industry (often adding one or two token dishes to their vast menus) the fact is that this market is becoming big business.  Kitchen CUT’s Michelin starred chef, John Wood, talks about the increase in demand for vegan and vegetarian…

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Menu Engineering: What is it and why do I need it?

The term Menu Engineering is far more than just a buzzword for the F&B industry.  In terms of profitability, Menu Engineering could make the difference between your business becoming one that fails or one that grows from strength to strength.  In order to understand the basics of Menu Engineering, it’s important to understand exactly what it is,…

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Menu writing lesson 9 – spelling and grammar

A menu is a sales and marketing tool and is a reflection of the chef and your operation. It is therefore extremely important that you present it in the best way possible way and avoid simple mistakes such as bad spelling and/or grammar. Here, John Wood gives some top tips.

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Menu Writing Lesson 8 : Understanding Customer Profiles

As a chef it is extremely important to know who your customers are and where they come from, also how often that changes either through the week, month or season. There are many complicated studies that look at variable demographics of customers down to what car they drive, the suits they wear, to how many…

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Menu Writing Lesson 7 – Using Seasonal Produce

There are many benefits to ensuring that the ingredients used on your menus are seasonal. Here, Kitchen CUT Co-Founder John Wood, explains why.

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Menu Writing Lesson 6 : Menu USP

Having a Unique Selling Point and making sure you communicate this is key to standing out. Get this right and customers will return to you time and time again as no one will be able to replicate this like you. Kitchen CUT Co-Founder John Wood takes a look at how you identify your USP and…

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Menu Writing Lesson 5 : Menu Training

It is extremely important to ensure that a menu is introduced into any business correctly. It does not matter if you run a pub or a Michelin starred restaurant, well-informed and trained service staff make the customer experience far more enjoyable. Here, John Wood outlines some simple steps to consider when introducing a new menu…

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