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Using QR Codes
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Using QR codes – how your customers can order safely from their table.

Getting back to business is now a focus for the hospitality industry. From the moment your doors reopen, it’s imperative that your operation runs more smoothly, safely and efficiently than ever before. Customers will need reassurance that their safety is as important to you as their satisfaction. In Europe, with safety and efficiency at the…

Restaurant Menu Ideas
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Which restaurant menu ideas make the most profit?

Researching restaurant menu ideas is exciting. You can unleash your imagination and creativity.  Whether creating recipes for your food truck, hotel, cafe or casual dining restaurant – it’s a fun process, but you also want to ensure the dishes will make you money. Whatever the type of cuisine you serve or the size of the…

Visitor Attractions
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3 Steps to Tasty Profits at Visitor Attractions | Kitchen CUT

Whether a zoo, a heritage site, a museum, a theme park or a golf course, a great day out with friends or family will typically involve a dining experience of some kind.   The rise in the popularity of vegan and vegetarian food, the increased awareness of the dangers of allergens and the demand for good…

Protecting your Christmas Profit
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How to make more Christmas Profit | KitchenCUT

Much as we may not want to admit it, Christmas IS coming and it’s a sobering fact that in the hospitality industry, most businesses will take at least 25% of their annual revenue in the period between Thanksgiving and the New Year. We need to be ready and prepared. A period of just over 5…

Menu Engineering
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Menu Engineering to create new menus | KitchenCUT

The aim of menu engineering is a simple one, increasing profitability per guest. To do this, it’s vital to understand exactly what menu engineering is and how it can help you with your menu creation.  Here, John Wood explains just how menu engineering can help you to create successful menus… What is menu engineering? People often…

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