Bents and Kitchen CUT

“Kitchen CUT is so modern and a breath of fresh air, already we can see that there is a massive future in making this move.”

“Kitchen CUT has changed the way we work for the better; historically we used manual processes, such as spreadsheets containing 18,000 recipes and the corresponding information such as price etc in different areas. With Kitchen CUT, we’ve managed to reduce the time from 25 minutes for recipes down to 2 or 3 minutes per recipe. With Kitchen CUT, we reduced it right down to 550 recipes. 

Additionally, we can now view recipes in real-time so we can see what the chefs are creating and how they work as well as drill down into cost and help the chefs improve dish margin.

The system allows us to be completely compliant under Natasha’s Law, as well as being able to provide our customers with nutritional information should they wish – we can easily pull off a report which shows our customers which dishes are 500 calories or less, meaning we can support customers on a whole new level.  

Menu Development was supremely time intensive for us; we have a very diverse offering and don’t buy in anything that is frozen or pre-prepared, so the paperwork for menu development could take 7 days a week for one person, alongside our office admin who were constantly assisting with data entry on this process – now, we can completely speed up this process and be more proactive with our menu changes. Not only has that enabled more flexibility within the operation, but it has also meant we can be more competitive as we can compare supplier prices through Kitchen CUT; this is increasingly important as Brexit looms and prices continue to rise. 

As an operation that has the footfall equivalent of the number of tourists visiting Scotland, the ability to record allergens in real-time is huge for us. Monitoring allergens took one day every quarter, now we can ensure our patrons dine safely with us, through up-to-date supplier allergen info – a further feature we’ll be using is the widgets, which we can retrieve from Kitchen CUT and embed on our website, allowing customers to view suitable dishes ahead of their experience with us.

With ordering we historically used phone ordering, leaving numerous voicemails with uncertainty as to whether they’d been received; now we can tighten down on ordering transparency and truly understand our supplier spend. This process used to be lengthy and could take anywhere up to two hours a day, but now we can get through the same volume in about 30 minutes. When the order arrives, there’s no longer uncertainty for the storemen, as they know exactly what order is due to go where, helping us to further maximise efficiency. 


I have used F&B systems in the past, but I never enjoyed using them. They never made my life easier and were always very formal in their appearance and prehistoric in their vision. Although the aim was to get us to the same end point as Kitchen CUT it just wasn’t a user-friendly experience. Kitchen CUT is so modern and a breath of fresh air, already we can see that there is a massive future in making this move.”

 Tony Lewis, Food Development Chef

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