Author: Simon Haynes

Product News

Kitchen CUT Group Network In today’s busy and crowded digital world, data travels around the world at lightning speeds which is why we questioned ‘Why can’t F&B operations take advantage of this wherever they are located around the world?’ With this idea in mind, we wanted to consolidate our thoughts of data transparency as well as team engagement…


Neil Haydock talks about using Kitchen CUT

Neil Haydock comments, We have been using Kitchen cut since July 2014 here at Watergate. The process has been broken down into senior chef training while our F&B controller inputted all of our ingredients, followed by installation of tablets in all of our kitchens, and general kitchen training. As our seasonal menus have change all…

Food waste by Kitchen CUT - Global Recipe Costing Software -
Kitchen Operations

Reducing food wastage

The UK wastes 15 million tonnes of food every year. 3.9 Million tonnes comes from the hospitality and food production business. By properly analysing your food wastage on a regular basis and ensuring that your menus have proper cross-utilisation of produce from each dish you produce, you will dramatically improve your profits and margins. There…

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