5 Productivity boosters to beat new hospitality restrictions

Hospitality restrictions and challenges are becoming a way of life for the industry. In order to stay afloat and profitable, F+B operations are having to evolve quickly; to become increasingly agile and to be in a position to introduce a sales mix that will keep driving revenue regardless of the rules and guidelines that the government imposes.

The most recent hospitality restrictions to come into force are that pubs and restaurants must close by 10pm and that they are to operate a policy of ‘table service only’. These new regulations present many obstacles to profitability. Not only are operators faced with a space issue due to social distancing, but now also a time limit so that the cover capacity is drastically reduced.

So what can businesses do to boost their productivity at a time when it seems as though the odds are stacked against us? We’ve spoken to successful clients, operators and industry experts to get their five top tips for driving revenue and capitalising on the time and space available….

1. Pre-Ordering

Asking customers to pre-order is a great way to reduce service time and to turn tables quickly. By using a digital menu, your customers can see what’s available, select what they’d like to eat and even pay for it in advance.

2. Early Dining Incentives

Closing at 10pm is an obstacle for any pub or restaurant, but encouraging customers to eat earlier means that you could still get 2-3 sittings per table, per night. Offering discounts and voucher codes to incentivise early birds (in conjunction with pre-ordering) could make a big difference to your bottom line.

3. Order + Pay at Table

With time and space at a premium, you want to ensure that your team are working at capacity, turning tables around quickly and serving food, rather than taking orders. By offering digital menus accessed by link or QR code, your customers can order and pay at table, using any discount codes that you’re offering, freeing up staff to get on with serving drinks and food.

4. Click + Collect / Delivery

With hospitality restrictions increasing and local lockdowns spreading across the country, customers may choose to eat at home. Make sure that you’re ready for any eventuality with a click + collect and/or delivery service ready to go. Customers can still enjoy their favourite dishes by ordering and paying at home.

5. Time Slots for Increased Cover Capacity

Make sure you have an ordering system that allows for time slots, both for click + collect / delivery, but also for in venue diners. With time slots in place, you can ensure that your are reaching your maximum cover capacity and that the kitchen can cope with the orders that are coming in.

Beat hospitality restrictions… all in one place

F+B To Go Menus

F+B To Go is a feature rich, free tool that is simple to use, quick to set up. Online ordering is seamless, whether from home on in venue.  Users can create branded, digital menus that can be embedded on their website, or accessed via link or QR Code.  There are fully customisable delivery and collection time slots. Item counters are in place so that the system will stop taking orders when stock has run out. Delivery areas can be defined and a live production dashboard fully tracks and monitors the order process.

In order to keep customers incentivised, businesses can offer promotional discount codes. These can be created and processed simply and quickly on the system. Payments are taken online so that the whole process is completely contactless and safe for both staff and customers.

There are no set up fees, no subscription fees for the software and no limits to the number of products on offer.  This tool is free to use for the whole of 2020, irrespective of EPOS, Stock system or menu management system.  Businesses of any size and any location can sign up on any device and be operational within the hour. 

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